Time and again, MTC has proved that when total professionalism is needed, we are the ones to be called.



At MTC, we are confident that the services we provide are valued by our members. This is because we regularly run customer surveys and questionnaires to ensure that our services are monitored. Ratings allow us to see where and how we can improve, if required. So far we are proud to state that...

...we have a 98% customer satisfaction rating on our 24hr services!¹

That's a big thumbs up!

In fact many customers are switching to our services. This is because time and again, MTC have proved that when total professionalism is needed, we are the ones that provide the most satisfactory solutions. Read for yourself why...

Here are some of the typical customer testimonials we recieve through our surveys and questionnaires²:

  • "When the need was required, you were of great help. Thanks" – J.C., B’Kara

  • "They really do good and efficient job, well done, keep it up!" – S.V., Rabat

  • "The driver was really helpful. I was in Valletta and there was another company that had to come for another car but MTC came and did the job and the other company still was nowhere in sight…really good service!" - D.M., Naxxar

  • "I can’t complain about your service. I think it is very good. Both secretaries and drivers have always been helpful and efficient." - R.S., Xemxija

  • "Having been offered a towing service at a very reduced rate, I still opted to stay with MTC due to the good service I am given." – M.D., Attard

  • "I have been a member for several years and highly recommend your company." – D.C., Gzira

  • "Very efficient, kind and understanding. In fact, I was with another towing services and I can see the difference. I am very satisfied with your service." - M.R., Marsascala

  • "Excellent service overall. I have not required MTC’s service for over three years however, I had a horrific accident in 2001 and two MTC drivers kept me company for five hours on a bitterly cold winter night. I recommend MTC to anybody who asks for my opinion." - R.A., Gzira

  • "I have no other comments but thank you for your prompt service. Your drivers were always polite and helpful whenever I needed their help. Thank you and keep it up." - A.F., Rabat

  • "We appreciate the service provided carefully. We called very late in the evening and we still got a very good service." - R.B., St. Paul’s Bay

  • "I have no complains, your drivers are polite and your secretaries are helpful. Keep up the good work." - M.M., Rabat

  • "Very friendly and efficient service. I recommend MTC to family and friends." - M.G., Ibragg

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¹ Results generated from sample survey taken of 723 members.
²Names have been witheld in accordance with the data protection act and legal requirements.!