The MTC Fleet is dediacted and always ready to serve. On call 24hr a day, our vehicles are ready to roll at a moments notice to provide assistance to those in need.
Most trucks are equipped with a computerised tracking system in order to make it possible for the MTC call centre to monitor vehicle whereabouts from the office. This enables us to manage our services more efficiently. As a result we are able to reach clients quicker.

Technical Info

The images show some trucks in the MTC fleet, however, the fleet is constantly being upgraded with trucks that are more equipped. Equipment found in our trucks, such as dolly wheel, air bags, motor bike’s trailers etc
The MTC fleet as a whole is designed to meet a wide variety of emergencies and situations. It consists of different types of vehicles that range from small trucks, able to offer assistance to vehicles in basements etc., to larger trucks that cater for heavy duty work such as buses, trucks and boats. Our fleet caters for vehicles ranging between 1,000Kg to 11,000Kg.
Some of our trucks are constructed to lift cars without the need for the driver to assist the vehicle, i.e. the driver can do this job from the cabin.

Fleet Production

Each vehicle in the MTC fleet is well equipped for the most demanding conditions. As requirements and technologies change, so is the fleet upgraded accordingly. This might mean furnishing vehicles with better equipment or making adjustments; or even building new vehicles.
All new trucks are constructed by our professionals.

Fleet Use

A motorbike on a trailer ready to be towed.
An airbag is located underneath the bus to allow our truck to lift the bus and effect towing.
Tow truck towing a 5 ton truck. Tow truck towing a light commercial vehicle. Motor bike being towed on a trailer placed on dolly wheels.

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